SBR Forklift Spares CC

A veteran company SBR Forklift Spares CC was established in 1996. With a dynamic sales team boasting more than 20 years’ experience , we are unrivalled in the materials handling industry.

We are a leading supplier of genuine and replacement parts and accessories in the materials handling industry.

Our extensive and diverse stock range caters for most leading brands.

The vast range of products offered coupled with large stock availability and excellent customer service is an integral part of our success and the SBR customer experience.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and offer our customers personalised tailor made solutions bundled with competitive pricing and speedy delivery services to all of Africa.

We strategically produce solutions that reduce downtime and enable massive savings simultaneously.

We achieve our goals through continuing our commitment to quality and service.


Forklift Parts in stock


Forklift Brake Parts

Forklift Chassis Parts

Forklift Cooling Parts

Forklift Electric Parts

Forklift Electrical Forklift Parts

Forklift Engine Parts

Forklift Filters

Forklift Gas Parts

Forklift Hydraulic Parts

Forklift Mast Parts

Forklift Steering Parts

Forklift Transmission Parts

Forklift Wheel Rims and Tyres

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